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Therapy for Teens

360 Therapy specializes in working with teens and adolescents. This is a challenging time during their life, and having a professional that understands those challenges and has solutions for better coping mechanisms is important. We are here to help. 

Do You Feel Like You Can’t Get Through To Your Teen?

Has your teenager been acting differently lately? Are they communicating less and keeping to themselves more? Do you think they might be struggling with anxiety or depression, but you’re not sure? 

Dealing with teenagers isn’t easy. You’ve probably tried to be the best parent you can be, but nothing seems to do the trick. No matter how hard you try to get through to your teen, they won’t listen to you or tell you what’s wrong. As a result, you don’t know how to help them. For the first time, you might find yourself considering a teen therapist. 

The Teenage Years Are A Time Of Great Change And Uncertainty 

Your teenager probably feels overwhelmed by all the changes in their life. Maybe they’re dealing with low self-esteem and struggling to make new friends. Perhaps they’re falling behind in school or hanging out with the wrong crowd. To cope with all their stress and uncertainty, they might be turning to drugs, alcohol, and other harmful habits.

Although you want to intervene, you probably don’t want to seem invasive. This is where a therapist can help out. Here at 360 Therapy, we want to remove the blocks that prevent your teen from living their best life and open the lines of communication in your relationship with them. 

Today’s Teens Face Tremendous Pressure From Social Media 

Teenagers nowadays have a lot on their shoulders. They face tremendous pressure to look good, fit in, succeed in school, do well in sports, and know what they want to do with their lives. 

To make matters worse, today’s teens are the first to really grow up with all the pressures of social media. All over their timelines, they see other people partying, having fun, and living their best lives. This creates FOMO—Fear Of Missing Out. They see other teens they know hanging out and going places and wonder, “Why wasn’t I invited? Am I weird or unattractive? Is there something wrong with me?”

In many ways, social media works against our teens. Their brains aren’t fully developed and can’t handle everything they’re exposed to. They don’t know that what they’re seeing on social media is a fantasy. And when they compare their reality to that fantasy, they feel like their own lives aren’t good enough. 

Therapy can help your teen see things from a new perspective and learn to love themselves as they are. This is an opportunity for them to step away from external pressures and get in touch with their needs, values, hopes and dreams. 

Therapy Is A Chance For Teens To Form A Healthier Relationship With Themselves 

The older your teenager gets, the less they probably rely on you. It’s easy to feel down about this, but it’s important to remember that they’re becoming their own person. They’re starting to become more independent and rely on their friends more.

This is why therapy is so vital for teens. Having an adult that they can depend on and turn to in times of distress is essential for their growth. Here at 360 Therapy, our goal is to give your teen a safe place to process their feelings and think out loud about what’s going on in their life. 

What To Expect In Teen Counseling Sessions

In the beginning, we’ll generally have a session with you and then meet with your teen from that point on. Although we want to keep you in the loop and help you play an active role in your teen’s journey, what they share with us is 100 percent confidential. They need to have someone they can be honest with if therapy is going to be successful. 

In sessions with your teen, we’ll help them identify the behaviors that are keeping them stuck. Beneath every negative behavior is a child calling out for help, so we want to get to the bottom of their struggles and understand the deeper reasons for their actions. The long-term goal is to help them improve their self-awareness and form a healthier relationship with themselves.

Creating Your Teen’s Therapy Plan

A lot of different approaches are interwoven into our work with teens. We often use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help teens reframe negative thoughts and improve their self-esteem. We also utilize Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), an approach that helps teens regulate intense emotions and stay mindful and grounded when they’re stressed.

Ultimately, we believe that counseling is all about understanding and compassion. As licensed counselors with years of experience, we are prepared to join your teen on their path to self-discovery. We want to be their number-one cheerleader and help them grow into the person they’ve always wanted to be. 

You May Have Some Questions About Teenage Therapy…


How long will my teen be in therapy?

There is no right or wrong answer—it all depends on your teen’s needs and goals. They can be in therapy for as long as they want and there is no pressure to commit right away. Regardless of how long the healing process takes, we encourage your teen to be patient with themselves and understand that it’s okay to take their time.

As a parent, what can I do to help my teen feel better?

The most important thing is helping you see the world through your teen’s eyes. We want you to step into their shoes and understand their perspective on a deeper level. When you do this, it becomes easier to communicate with them in a loving and nonjudgmental way.

Will sessions with my teen be confidential?

We know how badly you probably want to know about everything that’s going on in your teen’s life. But for your teen to successfully work through their problems, they have to be open and honest. That’s why we prioritize giving them the right to privacy. Nothing they tell us will be shared with anyone unless they give us permission to do otherwise.

Your Teen Is Worth Their Wellness 

Therapy is a chance for you to make an investment in your teen’s wellbeing and set them up for success. To connect with a teen therapist, you can email us or call 305-396-6009.

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